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Content producer

Phototeam Pty Ltd produces multimedia assets for a range of long and near-term, print and electronic uses.

Assets are produced and supplied as;

Photographs—catalogued as PhotoArchives, to support continued ease-of-access over time and distance.

NewsReels and ShowReels—embeddable videos files of animated slide-shows, with appropriately licensed soundtracks.

Text̆—original copy built on understandings gained from first-hand experience, associated interviews and additional research.

Production strategies can produce assets in advance of actual events and performances, allowing for higher valued-added uses, such as in features, articles and sponsored content. Such assets can also support near-term publicity and news needs.

Publishing partner

We produce original, multimedia content under the editorial banner of Express YourSelf.

Content is created as adaptable editorial assets, ready-for-use in publishing ventures, operating in different regions and markets.

The assets are especially suitable for publishers and mastheads seeking to build LGBTI and broader, like-minded audiences.

Express YourSelf reports on different aspects of the ever evolving expressions of LGBTI-informed identities and experiences.

The title, Express YourSelf, reflects the many ways people are directly experiencing their contemporary realities, understandings and opportunities; especially in the wake of broadening social acceptance, and validated through the overwhelming support for full-marriage equality.

There are so many ways, to ExpressYourself!



PhotoTeam is a fully-accredited contributor to:


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Contact Information

Operating bases: Sydney • Rome • London

Australia: +61 0413 525 588

International: Reach via Skype or WhatsApp

PhotoTeam Pty Ltd

ABN: 75084655265 (Aust Business Number)


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