Rates: Asset Packages


Commissioned assets


1: PhotoArchive

$A 900

€ 540

£ 475

2: PhotoArchive & PhotoMotion

$A 1800

€ 1075

£ 950

3: PhotoArchive, PhotoMotion & 800 word text

$A 2700

€ 1620

£ 1450


Editorial uses: Zonal Rates


Zone 1:
Australia, NZ
40 % of above

Zone 2:
UK, Ireland
40 % of above

Zone 3:
USA, Canada
40 % of above

English language exclusivity
100% of above

World wide exclusivity
200% of above

Branding or hero image
PhotoArchive rate x 200%


Performers' commissions


Showreel uses

25% of full commissioned rates

Uses: on performers' websites; for own generated self promotion and fliers; to attract attention of producers and promoters; for forwarding to Festival organisers for use in programs and web listings.

Full commercial uses

Rates as above.


• Please add local value added taxes, e.g VAT, GST

• PhotoTeam carries Australian and US tax numbers.

• Rates include transport and accomodation (nationally and internationally), when producing five or more separate content packages.

• Travel ready, with working from bases in Sydney, London and Rome.


• NB, according to international law, copyright is retained by the photographer, no matter who commissions or initiates the shoot. Client use is activated by broad usage licenses provided by the photographer, usually for a time limited period.


Further enquiries: info@phototeam.co