A PhotoTeam Project

Creates multimedia editorial assets—as still images, original text and video files (of PhotoMotions)—suitable for all print and electronic uses.

We seek to distil and convey the experiences and atmospherics of large events, performances and special places.


ExpressYourself is a growing series of editorial packages containing multimedia assets for use in publishing ventures in different regions and markets.

The assets are direct, experiential reports covering the contemporary creative expressions, events and special places from a LGBTI informed perspective and suitable for such groups as well as like minded people.


Editorial Packages






Adelaide Fringe 19:
The New-fashioned shows

Jose; Gay, indigenous, resistant

Edinburgh-Fringe Nexus:
Incubator for shows, performers & ideas

Power of Pride

Sydney NYE Fireworks:
A consumed event

Big Little Lies:
Looking for Pirriwee

Castel Gandolfo:
Haven from the furies

Xmas in a special place


Recent Projects

BrJuri-Rome-2018 - Br Juri Leoni OFM.

Quaracchi friars at prayer in choir stalls dating from 1641, Church of St Isidore, Rome.

At St Isidore's College in Rome, a team of researchers from Quaracchi Editions is transcribing unpublished and lost manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

Their work then feeds into the university and scholarly system for further evaluation; helping amend our understandings of this important pre-modern era.

The works being retrieved are by lost or forgotten authors in philosophy, theology and history.

The new transcriptions are shining a light on the authors' understandings of their world and developments in medieval thinking.

The work of Quaracchie Editions continues a 400 yr old scholarly tradition at St Isidore's, established 400 years ago, by Irish exile, Hugh Wadding OFM.

Text and PhotoMotion ShowReel

Quaracchi PhotoArchive

Belfast Pride - Belfast Pride was held on August 4 2018 against a political background of political paralysis in Northern Ireland. The political parties...

Belfast Pride explodes over a conflicted society; more like a dazzling display of fireworks than an incendiary bomb.

On the first weekend of August, the LGBTI communities of Northern Ireland—joined by thousands of family, friends, and supporters—will again render irrelevant, the Province’s eternal divides.

Belfast’s LGBTI communities are the proud hosts of Northern Ireland’s largest cross communal event; one joyous event of shared experiences and easy camaraderie, offering refreshing possibilities for the ways forward.

Text and PhotoMotion NewsReel

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Wylies Series

18133-005-Christmas Island
18133-001-Chrystal Descent
18133-002-Choppy Times

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